REDCap Basic User Guide

  • A great reference for getting started in REDCap. Click here to Download the REDCap Basic User Guide


  • Fill this  survey. Take the Survey 
  • Login with your barrow Neurological  network username and password.

Gain Access to an EXISTING project

  • Contact the project creator (not the REDCap Administrators)
  • Give them your username and ask them to add it to the User Rights section of their project.


  • Complete the REDCap New User Training.
  • If the link above does not work, go  to survey : 
  • After you’ve completed the training, you will receive a confirmation email. REDCap Admins will enable your ability to create projects within 1 business day.

ADDING USERS to your project

  • For security purposes, REDCap Administrators do not add users to your projects. To allow other users to access your projects
  • Click on User Rights. (left menu under Applications)
  • Add them by entering their  NETWORK USERNAME. (not their email address)
  • If the user you are adding has logged into REDCap before, their name will appear in a dropdown menu. Users who have never logged into REDCap will not appear in the dropdown menu. You will need to add their username manually (instead of using the dropdown menu).
  • Choose appropriate privileges.
  • See the FAQ tab under User Rights section for more information.