Frequently Asked Questions

 If your question is not listed below you can send an e-mail to Behrooz Kousari.


The use of REDCap is offered at Barrow  free of charge.


REDCap is available to all persons approved by REDCap Committee. REDCap SandBox Solution  is available to all 


To get started using REDCap contact the Barrow Infomatics REDCap coordinator  using contact online form and a representative will contact you to discuss your project. Contact Us

No. REDCap uses a simple design interface that will handle all of the programming, networking, and database details automatically.

It is recommended that once designed, you have a member of BNI Informatics  team to review your project. It is important to consider the planned statistical analysis before collecting any data. The REDCap team  can help assure that you are collecting the appropriate fields, in the appropriate format necessary to perform the needed analysis.

Yes. REDCap has two online survey options, a private survey and a public survey. The private survey utilizes a participant’s e-mail address and REDCap sends a unique survey url to each individual participant. This option offers participants the ability to Save and Return Later using a validation code that is supplied to them automatically by REDCap. Participants may only take the private survey one time. The public survey option creates a single url that can be e-mailed to participants or posted on a website. This type of survey can be taken multiple times by the same participant.

Yes. Data can be imported into REDCap using the Data Import Tool. The Data Import Tool requires that data to be imported is in CSV (comma separated variables) format. The order of the fields or the number of fields being imported does not matter, except that the record identifier (e.g. Subject ID) must be the first field.

REDCap creates export files in the following formats: Excel CSV, SPSS, SAS, R, and STATA

SandBox Solution is for testing ideas and learning

Development is for creating solution which already have been carefully planned and discussed.  These project will eventually migrate to Production.

Production is for project which have been fully tested and documented and no more modification is necessary. Once a Project has been marked production, no more changes will be allowed without administrator help.